July/August 2005 - Diabetes UK


July/August 2005



Contents - Issue 206

Articles online


  • Early days with Zoe
  • Opinion – your letters, soapbox and the chair
  • News
  • Research notes – the latest from around the world
  • Behind the headlines – the truth beneath the hype
  • Closing thoughts from Michael Barry – and it’s goodbye from him as Michael signs off


  • I never knew fat!
    Would you Adam and Eve it! Fat comes in from the cold
  • Prevention’s bright new dawn
    A vaccine for Type 1 is getting closer. We have all the latest 
  • The Balance guide to insulin
    The 2005 guide is here, ready to pull out and keep
  • Let’s talk it overs
    We prove, beyound doubt, that it’s good to talk

Good life

  • Pick and mix
    Hasty tasty, Chatroom, plus man manual book giveaway
  • Country guide
    Gobble up the sights and sounds of Turkey
  • Recipes
    Let' s be havin' you! We turn Diabetes UK staff into budding Delias

Your health

  • Retinopathy explained, talking blood glucose meters, myths, top tips and more
  • Dear Richard
    All your eye queries answered

Balance is a lively and entertaining full-colour lifestyle magazine, giving you all the latest news and research on diabetes. There are celebrity interviews, recipes, competitions, and regular free supplements on hot topics.

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