There are are 160,000 people with diabetes in Wales and 66,000 people have it and don’t even know. It’s a big problem, and it’s growing.

Diabetes UK Cymru works closely with people with diabetes, parents and carers, grass-roots support groups, charities and healthcare experts to make sure the NHS and the Welsh Assembly Government take the condition seriously and provide the best care and support possible.

Campaigns for people with diabetes in Wales

  • We attend meetings with diabetes voluntary groups and patient reference groups across Wales to better understand your main concerns, and the areas that you want to see improved.
  • Better access to structured education courses to help you better manage your diabetes.
  • Improved delivery of the National Service Framework for Diabetes to get the best quality of care for you.
  • Better access to your health records.

Diabetes UK Cymru works hard to make a difference. To get the best quality of care for you, we need your support. 
Are you worried about a diabetes issue in your local community? Would you like to change something you are unhappy with but do not know who to speak with or how to make it happen? We can help.

Contact us for assistance.