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Care events

Diabetes UK Cymru

Events for children, young people and families with diabetes

Do you want to meet other people living with diabetes, to share and learn from each other in a relaxed and fun environment? If so, Diabetes UK's Care events are for you.

Diabetes UK has over 65 years' experience of running events, and is firmly committed to providing the very highest standards of diabetes care and education, expert tuition and uncompromising safety.

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Family Events (Wales)

Diabetes UK Cymru have been running family events in Wales since 2009.

The aim of these events are to support families  living with diabetes in Wales and it’s borders. The programs generally consist of unique, informative and fun activities that focus on the impact of diabetes upon the families’ lives. These events also provide the opportunity for families to share experiences and develop skills and confidence in managing the day to day challenges of diabetes. .

UK-wide Diabetes UK Care Events

Diabetes UK have been running  UK-wide care events for over 65 years and hold events all over the country for children, young people and families with diabetes every summer and autumn.

Diabetes UK's Children's and Young People's Events are packed with fun activities and a chance to learn about diabetes

Diabetes UK's Family Events offer families where a child has recently been diagnosed with diabetes a way of meeting other families in the same position, to learn and to share experiences.

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