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Digital Stories

A digital story is a recording of someone's life experiences accompanied by photographs and occasionally video. In the past year, Diabetes UK Cymru has been working with Storyworks at the University of Glamorgan to produce digital stories from people with diabetes in Wales. We hope to add to our store of stories over time and are especially keen to add more Welsh speakers and people from BME communities. If you have a story to tell, please contact carol.owen@diabetes, If you click on each name you will be taken to their story.


Malcolm has had Type 1 diabetes since childhood, He tells of how he refused to make allowances for his condition in his teens and 20s and began to suffer the consequences. He goes on to describe his new insulin pump and the hope it has given him for the future.


Francis explains how he came to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and the changes he has made to his life since.



Cardiff athlete Melanie talks about her Type 1 diabetes and the health training that set her on the right course for managing her condition



Andrew talks about how he reacted when diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and the changes he made to his lifestyle


14-year-old Hannah tells us what it's like to be an insulin-dependent teenager and what changes her insulin pump have brought about.



Pub landlord David tells of how he neglected his Type 2 diabetes until the fateful day when his foot turned black overnight and he was faced with amputation. He describes how he responded to this wake-up call and his hopes for the future.

Yvonne and Tina

Yvonne and Tina are sisters who were both diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes within months of each other. Now they encourage each other to keep their blood sugars on an even keel – and there’s sometimes a little friendly rivalry!


Stewart talks about what happened when his young daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and expresses his hopes for the future.


Holly is 13 and has had Type 1 diabetes since she was nine. She has some advice for teachers who have kids with diabetes in their classes and shows us her pump which changed her life for the better.

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