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How we help

Diabetes UK Cymru

Diabetes UK Cymru helps people with diabetes, healthcare professionals and volunteers by providing local support and information.

People with diabetes

  • We send regular newsletters and publications to people with diabetes and their families updating them on research, fundraising events and any other diabetes- related news.
  • We provide talks to schools and community groups about diabetes to ensure that those living with the condition have the right amount of support, no matter where they are.
  •  We provide information over the phone and can send out information packs for a better understanding of how to manage diabetes.
  • We promote the involvement of people with diabetes, their friends and families in the planning of local diabetes services.
  • We hold a variety of fundraising, support and awareness events throughout the year.
  • We run events aimed at people with diabetes and their families in order to help them discuss their experiences and feelings with others in the same position.
  • We ensure that diabetes awareness and understanding is raised through the Welsh media.


Healthcare professionals

  • Improving diabetes care in Wales by establishing good connections with Health Boards and healthcare professionals.
  • Providing support and up-to-date information on all aspects of diabetes, including update evenings.
  • Holding awareness events and attending external events.
  • Providing feedback from people with diabetes about healthcare service.
  • Empowering people with diabetes by better informing them about the condition and how to self-manage.


Volunteers and Fundraisers

  • Managing and supporting our network of voluntary groups across Wales, which meet monthly to support people with diabetes.
  • Providing materials needed for fundraising and awareness events.
  • Developing new partnerships with businesses.
  • Working with other voluntary organisations to help patients have a say in their care.
  • Promoting fundraising and awareness events.
  • Holding organised events which groups of volunteers or individuals can get involved in.
  • Providing a range of opportunities for volunteers which fit around their schedule and skill sets.

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