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Every amount donated makes a huge difference to people living with diabetes – without your support we couldn't do all the great work that we do. Find out how your money helps.

  • You can give a regular monthly donation.
    • £2 can give vital information to a parent about managing their child's diabetes.
    • £5 can pay for a child to talk to a healthcare professional for 30 minutes at a Diabetes UK event.
  • A one-off donation can make a huge difference.
    • £250 can pay for someone living with diabetes to go to a Family Support Weekend.
    • £350 allows a child to go to a week-long event which helps them better understand and manage their diabetes.
  • You can also adopt a research project by donating a minimum of £1,000. All of the projects available for adoption have been approved by the Diabetes UK Research Committee of scientific experts – individuals and groups can adopt a research project for a period of one year.

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Beverly Healey is awesome for giving.

Beverly graciously gives Diabetes UK £15 every month. This ongoing support makes a huge difference for people living with or at risk of developing diabetes, and that’s why Beverly donates on an ongoing basis. She says she gives because she knows how much it helps people: "I just do it because I know what a difference it makes. You never know, there might be a cure someday!"

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