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Seeing the bright side

I'm 12 and have had diabetes for nearly ten years as I was two and a half when I got diagnosed. Because I was a toddler when I was diagnosed, I cant miss living without it.

Picture posed by a modelSometimes you feel like you're alone and there's no one who understands you but since being on the diabetes website I've found that there are a lot of people like me who understand.

I first started out with disposable injections then the children's one and I'm now on an insulin pen. I was worried about the pen when I first got it but was so happy when I found it didn't hurt at all, as you're so focused on the click of it going in.

I sometimes get high blood sugars but I'm trying my best. I have a sweet tooth so sometimes it is a little harder. I'm slowly finding out about carbohydrate counting which is when you find out the carbohydrates in a snack or meal and convert it into how much insulin to give.

I'm getting better with my diabetes and I'm grateful that I don't have a very bad disease with no cure. It doesn't take up a lot of time and you can do whatever you want - it doesn't hold you back!


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"hey my name is kaitlin and i've had diabetes since i was 12 just hang in there girl." – Kaitlin


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