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Testing times for many living with diabetes

Thursday 06 April 2017

This morning, we released our ‘Testing Times’ report highlighting the problems many of you have been experiencing with test strips at your local surgeries.

Our report found that 1 in 4 people had either experienced restrictions, or were refused test strips on the NHS compared to 1 in 5 people four years ago.

The UK wide survey also found more than half (52 per cent) of people experiencing problems getting test strips had Type 1 diabetes, which is of particular concern as NICE recommends all adults with Type 1 should routinely self-monitor blood glucose levels, testing at least four times a day.

Diabetes UK Policy Manager Nikki Joule, said:

“These short sighted cost savings cause people real anguish and potential financial distress. It also means people are struggling to manage their diabetes which can lead to serious consequences for their health, so we urge people to challenge restrictions and refusals.

“As well as being vital for people with Type 1 diabetes, anyone with Type 2 diabetes can benefit from testing so should be supported to do so if it is helping them to better manage their condition.

“Local policies should allow sufficient choice and flexibility for individual circumstances to be taken into account when prescribing test strips and meters for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.”

Our refreshed advocacy pack - Get the test strips you need (PDF, 403KB) is full with details on how to challenge GP’s and nurses when facing test strip restrictions or refusals.

Download the pack (PDF, 403KB) now, or call our Helpline on 0345 123 2399 for further information.