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Everyday Diabetes UK is campaigning to make live better for everyone living or at risk of all types of diabetes. Find out what we've been working on, and how you can get involved in fighting for better diabetes care and support services across the UK.

For older campaign updates, you can read the quarterly Diabetes Voices newsletter archive.

  • Record number of GPs sign up to improve diabetes care

    Last year Diabetes Voices across England and Wales asked their local GP practice to take part in the National Diabetes Audit (NDA), which us all the information we need on diabetes care to make care better. And as a result, more GPs than ever before have signed up.

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  • Fighting to improve diabetes foot care in hospital

    Everyone with diabetes in hospital should be getting a foot check on admission, but less than a third get a diabetes foot check within a day. This is a missed chance to stop avoidable amputations.

    That's why Diabetes Voice Ian, who has had an amputation himself, has been telling MPs they need to work with their local hospitals to make sure more people living with diabetes can avoid devastating amputations.

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  • Ask your local NHS to make the pledge on diabetes education

    Diabetes UK supporters have sent over 1000 letters asking politicans and local NHS bodies to radically improve their diabetes education service. And already several local health care bodies have pledged to make sure at least 50 per cent of people with living with diabetes have the chance to access a diabetes education course.


    Using our simple online tool, you can ask for quality diabetes education in your area in just a minute.

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  • DVLA to change regulations on driving and diabetes

    Unfair rules which led to drivers with diabetes losing their licence are to be changed in January 2018, the DVLA has annouced. Under the new regulations, night-time hypos will no longer lead to people living with diabetes losing their licence.


    Diabetes UK supporters were crucial in this campaign success, as they shared their story of how these unfair rules severley affected their lives and were wholly unnecessary.

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