Short stories

We have lots of short stories you've been sending us. Take a look at the stories and if you'd like to write your own,send us your story here.


"Hi, I'm Anna and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes - 9/10/12 a week before my 12th birthday. I was sent home from school with a very painful stomach. Soon I started being sick so my mum and I went up and the doctor sent me to Royal hospital. At the hospital the doctor went thought lots of stuff and then they took blood and checked for ketones. While I was waiting the doctor gave me an ice-lolly, but five minutes later he said sorry you can't have that because your blood sugar is too high. Then he said it's probably diabetes. They said I was DKA and very sick. I was really shocked and scared of what would happen. I had to stay for 2 nights and most of the time it was borrrriiinnnnggg! I was with my mum at night and my dad during the day. There was a little school that was quite fun and we did some activities. All the nurses were really nice. Then I was moved to Antrim Hospital which was awful. There was nothing to do and the food was horrible. Luckily I only had to stay for one night. I had to do my own blood sugar and injection to get out of hospital. I was really scared at first but it wasn't too bad. Finally I got home to see my family. Now I have 4 injections a day and have been coping very well. I don't like diabetes but I always think of the people who are much worse off than me. Thank you for reading."


"I have had Type 1 diabetes since 2009. I  was going through a bit of a rough patch untill i read the balance magazine and i found out that actress Hannah Waterman and Amelia Lily have type 1 diabetes. After reading what Hannah and Amelia Lily said and what Amelia has done i thought to my self  i'm fedup of what i was doing and so thought about what Hannah and  Amelia said and i told my mum i have changed and i'm going to be strong for me and for every one. Amelia Lily and Hannah Waterman are my hero's and when i get down with my diabetes i just think of Amelia and Hannah and think how strong they are and then i feel better."



"Hi, I'm Tom and I've just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was rushed into hospital last week. It was pretty scary, but I am ok now. I've got to do injections twice a day, but at least I get to eat lots of tasty Hobnobs for my snack. "


"My name is Dre - I am 8 yeard old and I have type 1 diabetes from the age of 2 yrs and 6 mths. i am on 2 injections a day but sometimes 3. i sometimes get upset due to my diabetes because when my friends are having sleep overs or going away with a youth club over night. i can not go because alot of people don't know what to if i was to take a hypo etc. i can do my own blood sugars and i am learning to give myself insulin. I have done a supported walk in june 4 diabetes and my parents do alot for diabetes which makes me happy. I also have a niece with diabetes which i can talk about diabetes. I hope some day we all get better help for are diabetes, my friends don'tt really no what diabetes is and i explain it to them." - age 8 


"hello my name is symone and i am 12 years old and i came down with type 1 diabetes on the 3rd of may 2006. What happened was i was going shopping with my mum and i had this excrutiating pain in my kidney near my liver. what my mum did was she rang a taxi to come and pick us up and take us to the doctors. my doctor checked my sugar level and told me it was 28.5 and my doctor diagnosed me with type 1 daibetes. then i was rushed of to the hospital i a n ambulance." - age 12


"I got Type 1 diabetes just before christmas it was not what i asked for, but i had loads of good presents." - age 7


My name is Bobbie. I'm nearing my 13th birthday, I have been diabetic for almost two years. I got Type 1 five months after my Mum, who also has Type 1. I can say I was shocked, at first. I was in hospital for three days, whilst they got my blood levels under control. I've got used to being diabetic, and although it can be testing and trying, my Mum and I, are aware that we can keep ourselves happy and healthy if we monitor our levels regularly. And mum always says - "it's not the end of the world and some poor people live with much more serious illnesses".

I know it sounds funny, but I will live a healthier lifestyle because of my diabetes.


I was diagnosed when I was three and was really scared about all the injections and everything but now it doesn't bother me and I know I have to do my blood sugars and injections. It has become part of my life ;)

It's quite cool :P

But can be quiite difficult at times :/

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