Emma - given a wake up call

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was six. So I have grown up with it most of my life, it was just normal for me. I was used to it. But as I got older, it got harder, a lot harder.

I fully understood what had happened and what was happening to me now. There was a lot to learn, a lot to understand and a lot to take care of. Keeping my diabetes under control was hard for me, because I didn't want to. I wanted to be normal, like all my friends, not having to count carbs or judge how much I had eaten. To be carefree and live life the way I wanted. It didn't seem fair to me, and I wasn't going to let it rule my life and the things I wanted to do.

At first I didn't realise the dangers of what I was doing. I wasn't taking my blood sugars as often as I should and just took whatever insulin I thought would cover my food. I was waking up in the mornings with blood sugars as high as eighteen and sixteen and they would get higher during the course of the day. I finally came to my senses when my BM's would reach the twenties but I just took extra insulin or went outside with my friends walking.


It wasn't until I was at my annual review and my consultant was horrified with my readings that I came back down to Earth. I was told the dangers and risks of what I had let happen. Stroke, loss of limbs, blindness, and many other complications in day to day life. I was given a wake up call. I decided I had let enough be enough and started to do research on my conditition. What I found shell-shocked me and I was horrified at some of the stories posted on the internet.

I realised how stupid I had been and decided to do something about it. Now I'm happier with my condition. I couldn't care less what anybody else thinks because diabetes doesn't affect me as a person. I still don't let it rule my life and not everything revolves around it, but I have control of it, now at least. I'm living my life the way I would have with the little addition to the side. Diabetes is just part of who I am.


I'm happy to say that since I wrote this I've managed to motivate myself into taking care of myself :) I hope all you guys finding it hard can do the same cos it's scary how much damage you can do if you aren't :( Emma x


Diabetes UK Careline

If you have been having a hard time with your diabetes, like Emma, you may like to contact the Diabetes UK Careline.

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"Hey; I was 17 when I was diagnosed too, literally almost year ago to the day.
My friends and family are always there for me, but it doesnt matter what they say, you still seem to be alone. Trust, it gets better!!

As with starting to feel all depressed about it all, I know how you feel. Lucky I have my pony to pull me through it all! But ignore anything thats stressful! - that includes 6thform/college! If you need to, take the year off, start again, just chill out for a bit so you get everything ok within yourself first, before taking on the world.

I found it hard, is an understatement, I still do, I still cry pretty much every day, but it's getting a lot easier!

Go do what you love! It doesn't stop you.. if it tries, don't let it! It's what your mates are there for... besides, running through a 'wall' which has been put up to stop you at full pelt with some of your best mates, is the best thing you can do!

Keep smiling :)
T x"– Tamsin

"16 18 my blood goes into HI and 30.1 all the time i count my carbs and do most things i should my diet is good but sometimes i can't be bothered to have insulin EVERY TIME I EAT it can become very annoying i try hard but nothing seems to be working my Diabetes depresses me"– Bob 

"hey, im going through the same thing, im 15 and ive had diabetes since i was 4 years old, its gunna be 12 years this year that ive had it, and each year knowing ive had it longer, really kills me inside. i think people like us need to realise we are no different from anyone else.  We have feelings, we have a beating heart, just like anyone else.  I'm in a very tricky situation myself.  I don't do any of my injections, and nothing seems to wake me up and make me think differently. if someone came and told me i have 30 days to live, so what? if my body dont want to work..fine by me.

i am getting help with the way i think about my diabetes. The body is a marraculous thing, it can cope with just about anything, but my body struggles everyday without the insulin.  I really don't want anyone to follow in my steps, cause believe me its not nice atall.  Theres a big part inside me that says "Do it..its for the better of your health, and it only takes a few seconds to do it" but then theres another part of me thats like "dont do it, your giving in to what people are asking you to do"

Everyone's situation is different, but we all can connect in one place..and thats having diabetes, we all know what that feels like. and dealing with it everyday can become too much.  having it in your face all the time..its always there..theres no break.  When i done all my injections it was great..but i needed a break..so i skipped an injection..but skipping that one injection was the biggest mistake of my life..it made me end up not doing any, cause it became sucha bad habit..I hope none of you will want a break, cause it gets you into an awful state. One thing i'd ask you all to remember is to not think about doing the injection 4 times aday..take your mind off it, and when it comes to breakfast,lunch,dinner..or any time you have food, think about it then..it only takes a few minutes to do..i wish i saw that sooner.
Hope everyone is doing okay xx"– Emma

"im going through the same thing too been diagnosed for over a year now, just need more motivation to help me keep everything in control. sometimes i get that motivation but then lose it. its hard especially cos i work full time, and kind of low on confidence at times.
wish everyone the best"– Shaz

"hi im alethea. i think i might have some advice. im only 11 years of age but i have had diabetes for 10 years now and i kno wot its like. the things i do to keep me calm with diabetes is i pretend dat theres nothin goin on or i just go 2 my friends house and do da normal stuff like: watchin tv, goin 2 da cinamars and stuff like dat. my advice might not b good advice. hope u take my advice"– Alethea

"im exactly the same. iv had diabetes for 4 years now and at the start it was under good control. now i mostly run at around 15 and i know its too high but my body has got that used to it that when my blood sugar levels are normal i tend to feel like im having a hypo when im measuring 6-9. its just so hard to keep good control when so many other things are going on in my life with work and college and going out. its on my mind constantlty and i know the risk of complications in the long term but just cant seem to get it in good enough control x"– Isabel

"Hi, yeh atm I just can't seem to force myself to like inject or test of anything. It's not great tbh. I've started testing recently like every so often because the consultant said i had to have 3 months of good results to pass my driving test, but when I have been testing I've been getting results of between 20 and 30 :S.

I know it started when I went through the honeymoon period because there was no point in injecting and then I couldn't get out of the habit. This has got to be about a year ago now as I've only been diagnosed for about 17 months. I just don't know what to do tbh :("– Rachel

"I have also had diabetes for the majority of my life - 11 years this Christmas! I also struggled with bothering to inject properly etc but my wake up call came in the form of being diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. That just made me realise how stupid I was being, and now I am on an insulin pump and having the best control I have ever had, so take note that whatever you do now will have an impact on your diabetes in the future, so someday you will thank yourself for trying to manage your diabetes well. Believe me it will be worth it!"– Jess

"I'm going through exactly the same and I'm finding it really difficult to get out of the habit."– Hayleigh

"Ooh I duno wot to do :(

My blood is always high and I'm scared of what my nurses will say tomorrow at my checkup. OMG I'm in trouble; my blood is always about 20 :-S x

Good luck with your life :)"– Olivia

"I know how you feel, I was in same situation but got admitted to hospital because I had ketones and was really ill. It was horrible and I am still finding it hard."– Nicola

"It's really hard and I feel the way you feel too."– Holly

"Hi, we have Myspace and Bebo sites if you'd like to connect with others who have diabetes. Please make sure your parents are aware that you're using community sites like these. It's best to keep your folks on your side. :)"– My life

"Me too :( x "– Hollie

"Omg Emma, I am going through similar stuff myself. I need to talk to someone in similar situations. :'("– Amie