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#Type1uncut - videos and info made by and for young adults with Type 1 diabetes

#Type1uncut - talking life with Type 1 diabetes

#Type1uncut? What's that?

We figured that if people talked more about what it's REALLY like growing up with Type 1 diabetes, life would be easier for all of us. So we started #Type1uncut. We make videos about all sorts of stuff - from awkward chats about sex, to tips on dealing with over-caring parents, to rants about how badly they deal with Type 1 on TV. 

The only rule is we don't sugar-coat anything (see what we did there?). Each video starts a discussion about the things that normally get forgotten - you can check out #type1uncut on Twitter.


#Type1uncut was set up in 2013 after Diabetes UK receiving funding from the Garfield Weston Foundation to provide a series of online resources to help young adults with Type 1 diabetes manage their condition. Young people work with Diabetes UK to make it happen.


Latest videos from #Type1uncut

On Twitter

Using Twitter and the hashtag #type1uncut, young adults can connect with one another and discuss the issues that matter whether that is based on one of the #YouTube videos or on something that is important to you. 

Free factsheets

Download and share the free factsheets with your friends, housemates and colleagues to let them know about Type 1 diabetes. We hope you'll find the content useful and share it on social media using the hashtag #type1uncut.