Events for adults with Type 1 diabetes

Was great. Left me feeling a lot less alone. I felt a lot more positive coming out of it.

Type 1 Awayday attendee, London 2016

Type 1 Awayday for over 18s

Ever wake up after a huge takeaway and your first test is spot on? Ever wake up after a huge takeaway and your first test is definitely not spot on? Ever wonder if anyone else’s bloods do all sorts after exercise? Ever get fed up by diabetes? Ever want to chat with someone who just gets living with Type 1?

Then our Type 1 Awaydays are for you.

Our Type 1 Awaydays are held across the UK and are open to anyone whether they were diagnosed last week or have lived with Type 1 for decades.

You’ll get to meet people with Type 1 and have time to share experiences and swap tips with each other on issues such as carb counting, the impacts of exercise and new technologies.

Because we know diabetes is hard and never ever stops, previous Type 1 Awaydays have included sessions on mental health and diabetes as well as the latest research and opportunities to speak to our healthcare professionals in a more informal environment about any questions you may need answering.

Our 2017 Type 1 Awayday programme is currently in development and dates and locations will be confirmed soon. In the meantime you can register your interest in a Type 1 Awayday and we’ll contact you as soon as applications open.

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