Volunteering on Type 1 Events

It is a humbling experience seeing children deal with their diabetes, grow in confidence and master new skills. As an adult with Type 1, watching a child who has recently been diagnosed take charge and deal with it is fantastic. I feel very privileged to have been a part of the process.

Children's Helper volunteer

None of our Type 1 Events would happen without volunteers.

None of the laughs, silliness, fun or new friendships. None of the learning about diabetes. No moments when a child gains the confidence to inject for the first time or when a teenager realises they’re not the only one with Type 1.

To put on each event we need healthcare professionals and people with a close interest in diabetes to volunteer.

You're welcome to give whatever time you have – you can join us for a one-day event once a year, or for a whole summer of week-long holidays – the choice is yours.

Volunteers at our Type 1 Events have been giving children and teenagers the skills they need to look after their diabetes for over 80 years. You will help us build on that history when you volunteer at a Type 1 Event. 

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What is volunteering on a Type 1 Event like?

Volunteering on our Type 1 Events is a unique experience. One day you may be flying from a zip wire and the next you might be making vegetable monsters and learning about healthy eating. You will leave tired but you will leave brimming with brilliant stories and the knowledge you’ve made a real difference to children, teenagers and families with Type 1.

Some of our Type 1 Events are at weekends while our summer programme includes week-long experiences. All of our volunteering opportunities are spread throughout the UK.

Although every event is different, their continuing success is down to the volunteers who offer their time, effort and expertise to help the children and their families who attend.

Volunteering on the Care Events is great fun, a superb learning experience and a great opportunity to spend time with like-minded individuals. Every year there is something new to learn, and it has even helped me in obtaining my post as a consultant diabetologist.

Diabetes Consultant volunteer


What support do I receive?

We provide you with clear volunteer guidelines, role descriptions, training and individual support.

New volunteers are invited to a Volunteer Information Session where they will be given more information about Type 1 Events as well as a chance to see what it is like to volunteer on an event and meet other volunteers.

All volunteers will be supported before the event by the Diabetes UK Events Team and by a Volunteer Organiser during an event. Our Volunteer Organisers are hugely experienced and dedicated volunteers who know our Type 1 Events inside out.

Prior to each event, all volunteers are given event-specific training by the Volunteer Organiser. Sessions will include safeguarding, diabetes management, your role and the event and much more.


How do I start volunteering?

First have a read of the application guide, and complete your application here. Volunteers are selected on the basis of the application, references and a safeguarding e-learning module and criminal records check which we will ask you to complete once your initial application has been received and approved. It’s quick and simple to complete.

Then, once accepted, get ready to take on your event. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

If you have any questions, please contact the Events Team at eventsteam@diabetes.org.uk.


I'm a healthcare professional

At every event I learn something new. I think that this would be the case for all healthcare professionals, however experienced in the field of diabetes. Working in a clinical setting is a different experience to a Type 1 Event. Volunteering can really open your eyes to some unexpected issues.


Diabetes Specialist Dietitian volunteer

I’d like to volunteer 


Our events cannot run without doctors, nurses and dietitians. Type 1 Events are all tremendous fun but just as importantly they provide lots of chances for children to learn about their diabetes. It’s also incredibly important that we are able to provide the right care for everyone who attends. This is why we make sure we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced healthcare professionals. You’ll also be supported by a team of volunteers who are keen to develop their understanding of diabetes.

Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, you can meet key requirements in your professional development and gain greater insight into the issues facing children, young people and families with diabetes in their day-to-day lives.

Find out more about how you can help our Type 1 Events happen, and how we can support you in your career and revalidation.