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Join our Thunderclap this World Diabetes Day

Calling all Twitter users! This World Diabetes Day we want to make a real impact.


To mark the event on Tuesday 14 November, we're supporting a Thunderclap to raise awareness of the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in Wales, and we’d love you to add your support.

Know your risk

1 in 4 people living in Wales are affected by Type 2 Diabetes or are at risk of developing the condition, meaning we’re all likely to know someone affected. But 3 in 5 cases can be prevented or delayed by eating well, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight.

Knowing your risk is the first step to reducing your chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes. The Thunderclap will help people understand what being at risk means by sharing a short film created specifically for people at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Sign up now

Thunderclap tweets a message from your Twitter profile at the same time as everyone else supporting it, spreading the message far and wide. It’s a fantastic way of sharing information to people across the social network, and we need your help to harness its power.

Together, we can raise awareness of Type 2 Diabetes and help people across Wales learn how to reduce their risk.

Sign up to the Thunderclap here and share the link with friends and colleagues, too. Let’s spread the word – the more people that sign up, the further this message will go!

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