Top hypo tips

  • Keep something to treat a hypo with, like glucose tablets or a non-diet drink, with your child at all times in case they feel hypo.
  • Make sure your child carries some form of ID – an identity card, bracelet or necklace. This ID will alert people to your child’s diabetes very quickly and will help them to help your child if they are having a hypo.
  • Make sure anyone who looks after your child knows what their hypo symptoms are and how to treat a hypo.
  • Ask your paediatric diabetes team how much fast-acting carbohydrate your child needs to treat a hypo. And remember as they get older, they’ll need more.
  • Check with your team whether your child needs a follow on snack of long-acting carbohydrate.
  • Has your child had a severe hypo or are they having mild hypos very regularly? If so, discuss with your paediatric diabetes team.
  • Have you got a glucagon injection, and are you confident in how to use it? If not, talk to your paediatric diabetes team.