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CSG 6: microvascular and macrovascular complications

CSG 6 aims to improve the prevention and management of diabetes-related complications. This CSG will focus on the prevention and management of the microvascular and macrovascular complications of diabetes. 

It will recognise the need to understand the underlying pathogenic processes of vascular complications, in order to achieve this. 

It will cover – but not be limited to – nerve and lower-limb related issues, retinopathy, kidney complications and cardiovascular diseases. 

Chair: Professor John Petrie, University of Glasgow

Professor Petrie works on vascular disease in Type 1 and 2 diabetes, focusing on ways to reduce rates of complications. His work includes large observational studies, biomarker discovery and clinical trials.

Now recruiting Healthcare Professionals for CSGs (including GPs, diabetes specialist nurses, podiatrists, dieticians, retinal screeners)

The membership term will be for three years in the first instance, which can be extended by an additional three years with agreement from the Management Committee and Diabetes UK. The Healthcare Professionals will undertake the position on a voluntary basis. The CSG will be provided with financial support for two face-to-face meetings and at least one teleconference per year.

To apply please send your supporting statement to the Research Team at by 13 April 2018.

Who's involved?

CSGs are bringing together researchers, healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to create a roadmap for new research.

  • Alison Blackburn, lay member
  • Dr Sudesna Chatterjee, Consultant in Diabetes (Clinical/Research/Education) & Senior Clinical Researcher 
  • Professor Helen Colhoun, Professor of Medical Informatics and Epidemiology
  • Dr Lisa Heather, Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellow
  • Dr Robert Hinchcliffe, Professor of Vascular Surgery & Honorary Consultant Vascular Surgeon
  • Dr Noemi Lois, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology & Honorary/ Consultant Ophthalmic Vitreoretinal Surgeon
  • Dr Amy Jayne McKnight, Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics / Genetic Epidemiology
  • Ann Middleton, lay member
  • Dr Martin Rutter, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Physician
  • Professor Naveed Sattar, Professor in Metabolic Medicine & Honorary Consultant in Clinical Biochemistry
  • Professor Angela Shore, Professor of Cardiovascular sciences
  • Professor Solomon Tesfaye, Academic Director of Diabetes Research at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH) and the University of Sheffield
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