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CSG 2: Prevention, targets & therapies for Type 1 diabetes

CSG 2 aims to further research into preventing and treating Type 1 diabetes. This CSG will cover the manipulation of the immune system for the prevention and treatment of Type 1 diabetes, alongside cell therapy and islet cell transplantation. 

The group will also cover therapeutic targets and the development and study of drug treatments and insulin therapy in people with Type 1 diabetes. 

Now recruiting Healthcare Professionals for CSGs (including GPs, diabetes specialist nurses, podiatrists, dieticians)

The membership term will be for three years in the first instance which can be extended by an additional three years with agreement from the Management Committee and Diabetes UK. The Healthcare Professionals will undertake the position on a voluntary basis. The CSG will be provided with financial support for two face to face meetings and at least one teleconference per year.

To apply please send your supporting statement to the Research Team at by 13 April 2018.

Chair: Professor Colin Dayan, Cardiff University

Professor Colin Dayan has a long established interest in the underlying biology of Type 1 diabetes and is currently conducting early phase clinical trials in the development of Type 1 diabetes immunotherapy. 

Who's involved?

CSGs are bringing together researchers, healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to create a roadmap for new research.

  • Associate Professor Ramzi Ajjan, Associate Professor/Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, University of Leeds
  • Dr James Cantley, Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellow, University of Oxford 
  • Dr Ivy Cheung, statistician, Swansea University
  • David Dupont, lay member 
  • Mirjam Eiswirth, lay member 
  • Dr Shareen Forbes, Reader Diabetes and Endocrinology and Honorary Consultant Diabetes and Endocrinology/Lead Diabetologist Islet Transplant Programme (Scotland)
  • Professor John Gregory, Professor in Paediatric Endocrinology & Honorary Consultant, Cardiff University
  • Elaine Hibbert-Jones, Dietician
  • Katherine Jones, Diabetes Research nurse 
  • Becki Millar, lay member 
  • Dr Parth Narendran, Reader in Diabetes Medicine/ Honorary Consultant Physician, University of Birmingham 
  • Dr Vinod Patel, Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow / Hon Consultant Physician, Diabetes & Endocrinology / Clinical Director for Diabetes, University of Warwick
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