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Your Stories

Do you have a story about diabetes to help or encourage others? Whatever your story and experience, we would be delighted to hear from you.

These are stories of people from all walks of life. Each one is there to inspire, to highlight different aspects of living with or being affected by diabetes, or simply to show that – whatever your situation – you're not alone.

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After developing gestational diabetes during both of her pregnancies, Zena was diagnosed with Typ
Kaja was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after her first term at uni.
John, a retired social worker and former Merchant Navy Chaplin, didn’t face up to having Type 2 d

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A crack in my husband's heel led to the threat of losing his leg.My story is a warning to others. In December last year, my husband Jim had a crack in his heel.
Robert recalls how he didn't let diabetes interfere with his lifestyle until one day he was forced to take diabetes seriously.I am Type 2 diagnosed about seven years ago.
Malcolm talks about how going on a course makes living with diabetes easier.
John Roberts, who was a patient representative on the NICE guideline development group talks about his experience of diabetes and the importance
Peter finds that regular exercise helps improve management of Type 2 diabetes. I am 60 years of age and I have Type 2 diabetes. I was first diagnosed in 2000-2001.
When former nurse Christine Edwards was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 16 years ago, she realised how much support people needed to manage their condition - so she became a Diabetes Voice.
"I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetic when I was 21 and was put onto tablets which progressed to insulin when I became pregnant.
Bernard talks about how he copes with episodic strokes and believes diabetes is to blame for his ongoing health complications.Having been a Type 2 diabetic since the early 1980s, and since
Chris Magee looks back on 30 years of Type 1 diabetes and considers how things have changed.“This year, 2016, marks 30 years since I became a Type 1 diabetic.
"I was diagnosed with Type 1 in August 2002 at the age of 16, after visiting my GP complaining of being tired weight loss all the usual (at the t
Rose – who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1953 – thanks DAFNE for better control of her Type 1 diabetes. My story begins in October 1953 when I first taken ill and diagnosed with a
Fiona King was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 19, and went on to pursue a career as a professional ballet dancer.
Everyone who has gone through dialysis has different experiences, health problems and opinions.
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