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Your Stories

Do you have a story about diabetes to help or encourage others? Whatever your story and experience, we would be delighted to hear from you.

These are stories of people from all walks of life. Each one is there to inspire, to highlight different aspects of living with or being affected by diabetes, or simply to show that – whatever your situation – you're not alone.

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After developing gestational diabetes during both of her pregnancies, Zena was diagnosed with Typ
Kaja was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after her first term at uni.
John, a retired social worker and former Merchant Navy Chaplin, didn’t face up to having Type 2 d

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Seeing his mum struggle to manage her Type 2 diabetes pushed Phylex, 44, to warn others about the risks of developing it. Now a Diabetes UK Community Champion, he educates fellow bus drivers on the
Exercise is a key way that people can manage their diabetes, but finding the time to fit it into your daily schedule isn’t always easy.
Saad was a student at De Montfort University in Leicester. 
Tony Kelly, a retired teacher, who has Type 2 diabetes, gives up his time to share his experience and knowledge of the condition at dozens of events in the West Midlands.
Diabetes UK Community Champion Tabassuma Akramul, who features on BBC1's Inside Out programme (East Midlands), highlights the importance of raising awareness of Type 2 diabetes within her communit
Alan, Administrator for the Diabetes Support Forum, explains why the forum was set up and how it provides a platform for people to share and exchange information.I’m Alan, and I am the Adm
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