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Do you have a story about diabetes to help or encourage others? Whatever your story and experience, we would be delighted to hear from you.

These are stories of people from all walks of life. Each one is there to inspire, to highlight different aspects of living with or being affected by diabetes, or simply to show that – whatever your situation – you're not alone.

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After developing gestational diabetes during both of her pregnancies, Zena was diagnosed with Typ
Kaja was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after her first term at uni.
John, a retired social worker and former Merchant Navy Chaplin, didn’t face up to having Type 2 d

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Sascha is passionate about raising awareness of just how hard coping day to day with diabetes can be.
As a teenager Katie started having daily panic attacks brought on by managing her Type 1 diabetes.
Inspired by Tristan’s songs about diabetes, our volunteer Sarah staged two concerts attracting hundreds of music lovers and throwing diabetes into the limelight.
Kaja was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after her first term at uni. It was a huge shock but the uni, her new friends, her mum and brother supported her.
Coming together to make a lifestyle change A free running club that offers 10-week programmes to train runners from zero to hero
Graham grew up with a twin brother that had Type 1 diabetes. Twenty years later Graham was diagnosed with Type 2, which came as a surprise as he didn't fit the profile.
Our family signed up to go on the Type 1 Family Weekender because our four year old daughter, Olivia, had been dia
Diagnosed with Type 1 aged 10, Charlotte shares her experience of how meeting other people with diabetes has really helped her in times of need.
Lynsey began to struggle with the emotional impact of living with Type 1 diabetes in her early teens.
In early 2011, Tony lost his sister to Type 1 diabetes. Here he shares the story of how his loss has led to his extreme challenge to support our work.
Chris Pennell, 31, is currently in his 11th season at Worcester Warriors and was capped for England against the All Blacks. He was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 19.  
If we’re going to find a cure for people with Type 1 diabetes, we need to find a way to help people produce their own insulin.
Having overcome a series of diabetes-related challenges during the last 30 years, Anna is taking on a new type of challenge - running a half marathon.
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