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Combat cold and flu this winter

As winter nights draw in, the common cold and flu viruses become more prevalent. People with diabetes can be more susceptible to such infections. There are measures however you can take to limit your vulnerability to these infections.

A new study reported in the media this week concluded that people who take regular physical activity are less likely to get a cold. Lead researcher Dr David Nieman and his team, from Appalachian State University in North Carolina, claimed sessions of exercise spark a temporary rise in immune system cells circulating around the body that can attack foreign invaders. Although these levels fall back within a few hours, the researchers found that each session is likely to provide an immune boost to fight off infections like the common cold.

Important to exercise regularly

Professor Steve Field, Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, said: "This is yet more evidence for doing exercise. It reflects what we have believed for some time. Exercise makes us feel better and now here's more evidence that it is good for us."

Flu jab

"As well as taking regular physical activity, it is important to remember that people with diabetes are a high-risk group when it comes to getting flu, so it is crucial that they are vaccinated as soon as possible this autumn. The jab is free to everyone with diabetes," said Cathy Moulton, Clinical Advisor at Diabetes UK."Having flu can really upset diabetes control and can cause blood glucose levels to fluctuate. This can leave people with diabetes open to many health problems, including complications of flu such as pneumonia and bronchitis," added Cathy. 

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