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Statins and the risk of Type 2 diabetes

A new study has shown that the use of statins in people aged 60 and over increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by nine per cent. The researchers, however, stressed the risk is low, especially when compared with the beneficial effect that statins have on reducing heart problems.

Life-saving statins

These are the conclusions of a University of Glasgow study involving 91,000 people, published in the medical journal, The Lancet.

Credited with saving  thousands of lives each year, statins are currently prescribed only to those at significant risk of a heart attack or stroke. However in recent years, many doctors have been urging that everyone over 50 should receive them. 

Risk heavily outweighed by benefits

Stressing that the increased risk only applied to those aged over 60, Director of Research at Diabetes UK, Dr. Iain Frame, said: "This small increased risk is heavily outweighed by the benefits of statins in those at high risk of heart problems. This research, therefore, should on no account be taken as a reason for those over 60 at high risk of heart disease to stop taking statins."

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