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Our fight for Flash

Thanks to the collective voice of people with diabetes, at the end of 2017, Flash Glucose Monitoring was approved for use on the NHS in England.

Despite this, few people with Type 1 diabetes could get access. This prompted a year of campaigning, and more than 13,000 of you joined us to fight for Flash across the UK in 2018.

Our fight for Flash in numbers

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13,000 of you joined us in the fight for Flash in 2018.

You helped us achieve nationwide access to Flash across the UK. A huge milestone in our fight for Flash. 

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An amazing 3,000 of you emailed your local NHS managers

You demanded that flash be made available in you area. The NHS has listened to your calls. 


"I’m really proud the Flash campaign got this far, and forced a decision that needed to be made. Without it, I doubt we would have got Flash on prescription and I wouldn’t be able to use it the way I do now.”

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Flash milestones in 2018

  • Our regional teams and volunteers swung into action to raise the profile of this problem and apply pressure. More than 2,300 campaigners joined us to contact their MP, and more than 3,000 emailed their local NHS managers.  
  • People with Type 1 shared their stories in media across the country. A Flash Mob grabbed attention in Dorset. Volunteers and staff made the case at the heart of the system, speaking at local and national government committees. 
  • Gradually more local commissioners prioritised Flash. Then, NHS England announced nationwide access from April 2019 according to certain criteria, and prescribing was approved across Scotland. 
  • With Wales and Northern Ireland already on board, this means tens of thousands of people with Type 1 diabetes could now benefit from Flash on the NHS.   

Together, our voices are powerful, and the fight for Flash has achieved so much for so many. But we won’t stop there. We need to make sure that all those who could benefit from Flash can access it.

And beyond Flash, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure everyone can benefit from the technologies they need to live well with their condition. 

We can only do this brilliant work with your support

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How we've helped

Erin was self-funding her Flash when we made this video. From April 2019 she will finally have access to this life changing technology on prescription with the NHS. We couldn't have done it without her help. 



Erin wasn't alone in her Fight for Flash. We heard so many inspiring stories about how the technology had changed lives, including David, who's story you can read below. 

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Our fight for Flash is not over until it's available to everyone who will benefit from it.

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“Now I’ve got funding for my Flash monitor, I’m going to keep campaigning for others.”

Read David's Flash story 

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