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FAQs: Treatment


Q: Can I avoid insulin for my diabetes?

Many people are very scared about changing to insulin because they feel their diabetes has suddenly become more serious. Some feel guilty: "If only I had controlled my diabetes better this wouldn't be necessary." Diabetes is a progressive condition and over time it is unlikely that the treatment you were first given will continue to work as well. Using insulin means that your body needs a bit more help than tablets can provide to keep you healthy. Most people who do make the change to insulin say that they feel much fitter and wish they had changed earlier. Talk to your healthcare team if you are worried.

If you are concerned that using insulin conflicts with your religious beliefs, or if you are a strict vegetarian, raise your concerns with your doctor. Most insulin prescribed today is genetically engineered "human" insulin, which doesn't involve the use of any animal, or indeed human, products.


Q: What are the possible side effects of my diabetes medication?

Every medication is different – please see our Treatments page for more information.

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