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For feet's sake, take care of your feet

For feet's sake May is foot health awareness month and Diabetes UK is promoting the importance of good footcare if you have diabetes. 

Take our quiz and find out how much you know about feet and diabetes, read our simple steps to healthy feet, and order free leaflets to help you take care of your feet. 

The Big foot quiz of the year 

Want to test your knowledge on feet? Take our Big Foot Quiz of the Year and see how much you know already.

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Simple steps to healthy feet if you have diabetes 

If you’ve got diabetes good footcare is really important. Did you know that there are more than 20 amputations a day because of diabetes? Having diabetes puts you at greater risk of foot problems and if left untreated these can lead to amputation.

The great news is there’s lots of really easy steps you can take to prevent foot problems. For foot health awareness month, Diabetes UK is spreading the message of the importance of footcare and simple steps, such as: 

Make sure your shoes and socks fit
Look at your feet everyday
 If you lose feeling in your feet speak to your doctor  Get your annual foot M.O.T

Barrie has Type 1 diabetes and had his leg amputated in 2008 after a thorn stuck in his foot caused an infection and spread to his leg. 

He was eventually told by his doctor he’d either ‘die with his leg on or live with it off’. 

“My wife was always telling me to take care of my feet and not to walk around barefoot but I didn’t listen. I wish I had, as losing a leg is not funny. Now I check my remaining foot every day and if I feel something’s wrong I ring up the surgery straight away.

“We all think we don’t want to waste the doctor’s time but every man with diabetes needs to take care of his feet and do something about it if he sees or feels something is wrong.”

Ex Tottenham and England defender Gary Mabbutt MBE has Type 2 diabetes.

“I was lucky. When I lost the feeling in my leg I was able to see a professional really quickly and this didn’t develop into needing an amputation. But thousands of people with diabetes do lose limbs, 20 people with diabetes have an amputation every day.

“Being able to see a foot specialist and getting the right treatment at the right time is a vital for all of us who live with diabetes. 

"Everyone with diabetes needs to check their feet regularly to prevent serious complications in the future.”