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Good Diabetes Care in School Award - Notifying parents

Good diabetes care in school award

Notifying parents

Before completing the award application, you, as the nominated school, will need to tell all parents and carers of children attending your school that your school has been nominated for the award.

You can use your usual communication channels (for example, your school’s webpage, newsletter, letters home, etc) to do this. You’ll need to include this link to a brief online parent survey inviting parents to support or oppose your school’s nomination.

Please give parents and carers two weeks from the date you send out the message to respond to the survey. Here’s a proposed message to parents and carers you can use.

Sample letter

Dear parents and carers,

I am very pleased to inform you that (name of school) has been nominated for the Diabetes UK Good Diabetes Care in School Award, the school award scheme which celebrates and showcases schools that deliver good care and support to children and young people with Type 1 diabetes. As part of the nomination, Diabetes UK is inviting parents and carers to complete a brief online parent survey at

Please follow the link to the survey if you would like to show your support or to oppose this nomination. The survey should take no more than 2 minutes to complete. You can select to answer this survey anonymously.

Please be advised that you have until (two weeks from message going out) to respond to this parent survey. Responses to this parent survey will be used by Diabetes UK to assess our school’s nomination for the award. To find out more about the Good Diabetes Care in School Award go to

Best wishes,

Your school.


Providing evidence

You’ll need to provide evidence that you told parents and carers about your nomination and include the date that the message was sent to parents and carers. You’ll be prompted to include this when you complete your award application. This can be a copy of your newsletter or a letter home to parents, or a link to your school’s online newsletter, etc. Positive responses from parents and guardians are preferable, but if nobody responds in the time frame this won’t harm your application.

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