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One Million Step Challenge - Step At Home

#Stepathome for 30 minutes while you stay at home


We know that staying active at home can be hard right now, even as we get ready for this year’s One Million Step Challenge. But it’s important we’re keeping as active as we can, safely.

Which is why we’ve launched the #StepAtHome 30 minute challenge – a fun way to join together and get stepping for 30 minutes a day in the build up to the One Million Step Challenge which begins on 1 July.

Give these a try to get your feet moving in the build-up the One Million Steps Challenge and get your friends and family involved too. 

  1. Schedule your steps ? Set a daily alarm on your phone or add a recurring StepAtHome event to your calendar.
  2. Split your steps ? Split your 30 minutes stepping throughout the day - try 15 minutes before breakfast and 15 minutes before you hit the hay.
  3. Spice up your steps ? Why not try 30 minutes of marching to your favourite music, pacing to a podcast or striding to a series?
  4. Recruit a step buddy ? Why not recruit a StepAtHome partner? It’s the perfect excuse to catch up with your friends and family via the wonders of modern technology.
  5. Step the long route ? How about each time you take the stairs doing it twice? Or every time you pass the dining room table embarking on a few laps?
  6. Step the ad break ? Nobody watches TV for the adverts, right? Get into the habit of stepping through the ad break. And don’t forget - radio ads count too!
  7. Step it up a notch ? If you’re feeling more adventurous, try doubling up and stepping for 60 minutes each day, or taking your stepping to the stairs.

Give these a try and share your own ideas in the Facebook group.

We've got weekly challenges to help inspire you to take on 30 minutes of stepping at home. Get involved today by joining the Facebook Event.

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