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Questions about gifts in Wills

Below you’ll find answers to questions we're often asked by people who want to leave us a gift in their Will.  

If you’re a solicitor or executor, you may find our guidance for executors or solicitors page more useful.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch with Becky or Jodi at or call us on 020 7424 1853/4.

1. Why should I leave you a gift in my Will?  

These gifts play a vital role in making sure that we can carry out pioneering research in care, treatment and the prevention of diabetes, now and in the future. Much of the work we do today is only possible due to supporters remembering us in this way, and we're very grateful for this incredibly generous support.

2. Why should I write a Will?

Having a Will ensures your loved ones, partner or spouse are looked after, and that your wishes are respected after your death. A Will can also help reduce the amount of inheritance tax that needs to be paid on your estate. It also allows you to remember a charity or charities.

Ultimately if you don’t have a Will, the law decides what happens to your estate - and that might not be in line with what you want. 

3. How do I write my Will?

Writing a Will can seem to be a daunting process, but we have lots of practical advice on what to consider when writing a Will.

You can also order our free guide to gifts in Wills and leave us a gift.  

4. How much does a Will cost? 

The cost for drawing up a Will varies between solicitors and also depends on the complexity of the Will. Before making a decision on who to use, it's always good to check with more than one solicitor, to compare how much they charge. 

It's also worth giving some thought to what you want to say in the Will, before seeing a solicitor. This should help reduce the time and costs involved.

5. How do I find a qualified solicitor?

Search the directories provided by the UK’s law societies:

6. Can you help me write my Will? 

We can provide suggested wording for your Will, but we'd always recommend that you contact a legal professional, such as a solicitor, for legal advice about your specific situation. 

We’re very happy to give general advice about writing a will and leaving a gift to us. We have lots of practical information about how to leave us a gift, participate in two free will-writing schemes, or you can contact us at

7. Can I leave you a gift in my current Will?

You might want to include a gift to us. You'll need to ask a qualified professional, such as a solicitor, to make an amendment – called a codicil. For more significant changes, it would be best to make a new Will.

8. What type of gift should I leave to you?

There are broadly three types of gifts you can leave:

  • a residuary bequest – a percentage or share of your estate after any debts, costs, liabilities, legacies and tax have been paid. People often choose this if they don't want their gift to devalue with time.
  • a pecuniary bequest – a fixed sum of money
  • a specific bequest – a specific item which you own

9. How much should I leave to you?

A gift can be as small or as large as you like, and we're very grateful for each and every one. Leaving just 1% of your estate can have a huge impact in the fight for a world where diabetes can do no harm.

10. Should I let you know that I've left you a gift? 

You're under no obligation to let us know you've left us a gift in your Will. If you decide to tell us, then we can thank you for supporting us in such a special way and make sure that we communicate with you appropriately in the future. 

We respect that your decision is a personal choice, and anything you share with us will be kept confidential. 

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