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Info for teensBeing a teenager is hard enough, with or without Type 1 diabetes. This section is just for you, filled with lots of information and support all about Type 1 diabetes and being a teenager. Find out about growing up with diabetes, and all the different things you do as you get older – how to deal with relationships, going out, and living your life. Meet people just like you – and share your diabetes story with others.

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Almost everyone with Type 1 diabetes will have a hypo at some stage. They are different for eveyone and can be scary at times. This section is packed full of helpful tips on what to do, everyday life hypos and hypers.

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Starting uni in September? Wondering how you'll manage your diabetes? Aneirin Thomas and Vicky March share their stories on moving away from home for the first time, while trying to keep their diabetes in check.

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Are you a budding vlogger, blogger or writer? Sharing your experiences can really help support and inspire other young people living with diabetes. Make a video or submit a post to us and we can promote it!

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Telling friends about your diabetes can be really hard and stressful. Gray's blog includes some top tips on telling people at school and being open about Type 1 diabetes. You can also read more stories from young people who, just like you, have their own unique diabetes story.

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These fun-filled events are a great way to become more confident in managing your diabetes on your own, learn new things and make lifelong friends.

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Elinor Crawley

Check out our brand new collection of inspiring short films about diabetes in school, proving there are no limits to what you can achieve! Why not share them with your school and friends?

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Have you been on an amazing school trip?

Diabetes shouldn't stop you from being involved in all parts of school life. If you have a school trip experience or adventure to share, send your story and photos to makethegrade@diabetes.org.uk, and you could be featured on your own postcard. See lots of school adventures from all over the world from children and young people with Type 1 diabetes here.