Elinor Crawley


Having Type 1 diabetes hasn’t stopped star actor Elinor Crawley from following her dream of acting in film, TV and theatre. Elinor said ‘I remember thinking, I love this, I just have to give it a shot!’

Elinor has been in UK films such as Submarine (2010) and TV dramas, Vikings (2013) and The White Queen (2013), but remembers being at school and feeling overwhelmed by her diabetes.

She said ‘I think its OK to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Just try not to ignore it all and be open to questions. The more you can explain to others, the more they will understand and the less different you feel.'

She said, 'If the Make the Grade campaign had been around then it would have been a completely different story. By high school I had learnt to manage things more myself, testing my blood sugar and having dextrose in between classes! Looking back now it seems silly...but that's how I kept myself going.’         


If you enjoy acting, Elinor recommends that you ‘Keep enjoying it! Find a club or workshop outside of school where you can meet like-minded people and learn to work hard. You'll find the best kind of people at a drama club!’

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