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Here's where you'll meet loads of kids who have diabetes too. Everyone has their own tale to tell of how they deal with diabetes everyday. Lots of children with diabetes have amazing stories of what they've done, without letting diabetes get in the way.

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Please send us your story. Then everyone can read them and understand what it’s like to have diabetes at your age.

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By other children like you.

  • Sarah's story– Sarah has sent us a beautiful picture about a starry night.
  • Bobby's story – Bobby was really scared about having diabetes but knows there are people – and polar bears – who can help.
  • Beth's story– Beth doesn't let her diabetes stop her doing the same things as her sister. 
  • Kate's poem– Kate has sent us a really creative poem about all things sweet.
  • Amber's story– how a frightening hypo experience helped Amber educate her school.
  • Cole's story– overcoming difficulties at school and taking part in the children's lobby of Parliament.
  • Kirby's story– dancing with diabetes.
  • Nicola's story– about having diabetes as well as coeliac disease.
  • Hiba's story– how she learned about diabetes and how she finds life now.
  • Lara's story– Lara arranged a bake sale and non-uniform day to raise money for Diabetes UK!
  • Short stories- read more of your stories here.

"I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 9, it was really hard at the start but you get used to it! I am now 11 years old and now have an insulin pump! I just wish it wasnt me! but i have a better life with the pum,p but sometimes i wish i could restart and not have diabetes."- Jessica

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