Millie's story

I have diabetes and I always will. None of my friends have it -  just me. I will never let it get in the way of my life as it is with me everywhere. 

"It is a gift, not a fault"

I am Millie and I am 11 years old. I was diagnosed at 11 months. I have just started my first year of high school and have got a pump, which I have had for two years. I am struggling with people asking me what diabetes is, and calling me names. But for all of you reading this – hold your head up high and just keep on walking - accept that you are different and that it is a gift not a fault (which it isn't).

My life with diabetes

People ask me what’s wrong at school,As if I’m different but I don’t see it.I am me and that’s all that counts,I have skin and hair,But what do they care?Because as we all know life isn’t fair.


Your comments

"Hi Millie , my name is Millie and I was diagnoised with diabetes when I was only eight, you really are brave if you injected insulin when you were only 11 months old! I really want a pump but I can't at the moment because do Judo. Sometimes people make fun of me, even my friends. Once they were playing a game they were pretending to be diabetic and they were rolling around on the floor infront of me saying 'oohhh I'm low I need my insulin!' Well done and good luck."- Millie 

"Hi Millie, I have Type 1 and i'm now 14. Yeah I wrote this story ages ago.. It's weird life is kinda like mine :) ! i think it's nice to meet people who go through the same thing as you. I don't have any diabetic friends and I've had diabetes for nearly 8 years and still find it hard to control. I understand what you mean about playing games the worst thing about diabetes for me is the hypos!"- Hiba

"You were brave at 11 months old to deal with diabetes and your parents too must have been heartbroken. i was diagnosed at 8 me and all my family found it difficult but we are now 4 years on i am 12. and things are looking really good for me."- Nathan 

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