This is me (right) and my big sister Lauren on holliday in Tenerift before i got my diabetes.

My name is Ashleigh I am 8 yeas old. I have Type 1 diabetes I have had it for 6 month's and i have to inject in the morning and at night. The only thing i dont like about diabetes is having hypo's. I also hate neadles but i have got ues to them. I am hoping to get the pump. My family have help me with my diabetes and now i am more comfertable with it. I like going out to play with my frinds but i get scared in caes i have a hypo. I hate having so many snack a day i love going swimming but afterward i sometimes have hypos. Ruffes my diabetec bear has helped me alot he has helped me to learn how to inject. He has also became a very inporntant person in my family.


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"Hi! I have had diabetes for a year and 8 months. I hate needles and hypos aswells because hypos make me sleepy and worn out and needles give me bruises but we have to get used to it and im happy that youre comfortable about it! xxx"  – Asia

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