It all started when I was watching TV 3.30pm on March 20. My mum noticed that I didn't look right and I kept going to the toilet a trillion times. I demolished all the pure orange juices and stillmy thirst was not quenched! I was never hungry and by the time it was dinner time I just said 'Oh just give me a drink of apple juice. That will do mum.'

At midnight, I was so tired all the time. So my mum took me to the doctors and did tests with me and the results showed up that I am diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. My blood glucose sugar level was really high, about 30mmol/l. My lovely, kind nurse Lesley has given me loads of information on diabetes and helped me with injecting my insulin.

Most of all, my mum gave me support, love and help with not just my diabetes, everything. Now, I am already getting used to my routine and my sugar levels are stablised all the time. I am not letting my diabetes stop me from following my dreams.

Now I am used to my condition and my secondary school help me out whenever I am in a hypo. I have had diabetes for 11 months.




Your comments 

"It's good that your not letting your diabetes get in the way of life as its not worth it!! I had the same symptoms when I was diagnosed, but I had Ketoacidosis when I got diagnosed and had to be admitted to my local hospital for about 3 days. I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 6 years now and it gets easier as it goes along, LUCKILY :) xx."-  Elise

"Oh well done, yes it's tough, but we can't let it beat us..."- Claire 

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