Even though I have diabetes it doesn't stop me smilingI was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a couple of weeks after my 11th birthday. My mum took me to the doctor's because I was drinking loads and kept going to the toilet. They told me I had diabetes and I was scared, upset, shocked and confused because I had never ever heard of Type 1 before,  just Type 2. I was anxious I would become overweight and I was convinced it would stop me from doing dance, gymnastics and trampolining, all of which I really enjoy and am good at.

That night I was admitted to hospital. When I first got there, the nurse took my blood sugars and discovered it was over 30 because it wasn't even reading on the machine. Then they took a big syringe of my blood and I was crying because I was terrified. After I'd calmed down, my mum and I were led to a children's ward at the hospital.

The nurses started to give me injections and tests every couple of hours. I was suprised that it didn't hurt! Over the next two days I spoke to the diabetic nurse and dietitian, who helped me start my own injections and carb count. I was starting to understand that diabetes isn't my fault and that I'm still fit and healthy; I just have to deal with hypos now and again. I do my tests in the medical room at school and all my friends are very supportive. I still do all my activities, just with a sports drink and extra snack. Sometimes I feel a bit down but it doesn't last long. I have embraced my diabetes and I find it fun to eat snacks in the classroom!




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"Well done! thats the spirit.dont let diabetes stop you from persuding your dreams.x"- Asia

"Thanks! im on a pump now and i recommend it to ANYONE who needs better control or is sick of injections."- Diaz xx 

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