I was 12 when I was diagnosed with diabetes Type 1. I was dehydrated when I was taken into hospital to get better. I take the long acting insulin in the morning called 'Lantus' and I take the 'novorapid' before or after a meal. My levels aren't all that good at the moment, I'm still getting used to it, but if any of you have any advice that will be useful to me please contact me.

Many thanksJosie

P.S: I love chocolate and hatediabetic chocolate... any sugestions??!!




Your comments 

"I am 12 and I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about three weeks' ago and I was in hospital for two nights and three days. Have you any advice on how to cope with all the questions at school - it is really hard for me." -Kaitlin

"I can appreciate how much you are having to get used to since being diagnosed, and telling people can be quite a difficult thing to do, but you have come through so much recently this should be something you will manage very well too.

"The good thing is once you have told the your friends and school mates, you will be surprised at how supportive they will be towards you, and will want to know more about your diabetes and how you are coping so well with it.

"It would be a good thing to have a meeting with your parents and school head teacher and you of course to discuss any worries or concerns you have at school, and then when you are ready talk to your best friends and then people in your class, and then you can be more relaxed about school and diabetes, and just be yourself again.

"Remember you are still the same person, only now you have diabetes, which I'm sure you will cope with brilliantly." -My life"Hi, i'm lucy. I'm 11 years old and i've been a diabetic since i was 3. Just because your diabetic doesn't mean you can't have chocolate! All you need to do is keep a balanced diet and that's good for any child! So just keep your diet balanced and you''ll be fine! Hope this helps! Bye!" -Lucy

"i just have a treat day where i get to have chocolate and a dessert and things like that. it makes it easier than having diabetic chocolate and a lot nicer too. hope this helps xx" -Olivia

"I never has diabetic chocolate as loads of people have told me not as it can give you a bad stomach. I just have normal chocolate I have it once every week so it is a nice treat when you do also about an  hour after I have had the chocolate I do a glucose reading and if it is high I do a little bit of insulin." -

"i got diagnosed with diabetes when i was 8 i am 10 now i love chocolate to so i get diabetic chocolate from thorntons i hope this helps p.s i also get normal chocolate too but i eat it with a meal" -

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