I'm now 10 years old. I got diagnosed with diabetes when I was nine and I have had it for seven months that's all. Diabetes really changed my life and I am more careful. I can handle everything myself but my family, friends and also teachers support me lots which is a great thing.

I also have hypos (this is when my blood sugars are low ). I take four jabs a day 3 novorapid for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then 1 levimeir for long lasting bedtime. When I got diagnosed i was really scared becoz all I knew was that you had to eat, but actually there is lots to take in on diabetes and i was mostly scared about my injections.

I stayed in hospital for about three days to a week. Everyone came and visited me. My first jab that night i gave myself it. I also quite liked the dinners I got from the hospital although once I wasnt happy becoz i culdn't get steak pie. Well that's my story, comment please.




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