i was diagnosed with diabetes just under 2 years ago it all started by my leg hurting so i went to the doctors and got some blood taken, that night an out of hours doctor came to my house and said he needs a urine sample because my blood was at something like 27.4 which is very high. i was hospital for a week. a little while after i came out of hospital my mum went on holiday so i stayed with my dad and i didn't like when anyone but my mum did my insulin that week i did my insulin by my self. now i am alot more used to having diabetes and more used to have to have snacks and things like that at school. all my family and friends have been very supportive and that helps alot.




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"an insulin pump is lyk a lil mob on ur trousers. its reali good if ur blods are all over the place." -Natasha

"i'll tell you more at the diabetes party in 2 weeks" -Natasha

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