Does insulin hurt when it is injected?

Does insulin hurt when it is injected ?  

Libby says

In most cases it shouldn't hurt to inject insulin. There are some things which could make it a little uncomfortable;

  •  Using the same injection site a lot
  • Not using a new needle for every injection (they get a bit blunt)
  • Using insulin straight from the fridge
  • Not using quite the right technique to inject
  • Using a needle that is too long

Some people find particular insulins can hurt to inject. A lot of people find that Lantus (a long acting insulin) can sting a bit when it is injected. If this does happen there is another insulin that works in a similar way and most people find they can switch insulin without any trouble.

If you are having trouble with insulin injections hurting, then have a chat with your diabetes specialist nurse to try and find out why it is hurting and things you can try to stop it.

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