I'm worried that the pump will hurt


I have a question about the pump, I am worried if it will hurt but I do want it. Could you give me some advise.

Libby says 

The way in which a pump is attached is a very small and narrow tube with a tiny needle. Once the tube is attached the needle is withdrawn and the tube stays under the skin held in place with a small sticky disk that has another tube connected to the pump. This is called a canula and it can remain attached for around three days before changing. Most people say that attiching the canula is a similar sensation to an insulin injection.You can find out more about the pump on the website here. Perhaps you could ask your diabetes nurse to show you a canula set for pump use and if you feel comfortable maybe try attaching one to see how you find it before deciding on whether pump therapy is for you.

We do hope this has been helpful but please do get in touch with us again if you need to.You can also call the Helpline if you would like to talk things through.


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