Telling teachers



When you’re diagnosed with diabetes, it’s important that you tell your teachers and teaching assistants so they can look after you properly at school.

Get together

Your school staff might not know much about diabetes unless they’ve taught someone with diabetes before, and even then they won’t know how it affects you.

So your Mum or Dad will arrange a meeting with your school to tell them all about your injections, blood tests, snacks and hypos, and what help you are going to need with these at school. Your nurse will usually come along as well.

And at that meeting they’ll decide who’s going to help you with your diabetes (your school helpers).

Everything that’s decided at that meeting should be written down so everybody knows what needs to happen, and when.

Mum or Dad will make sure your school have everything they need to look after your diabetes (like insulin, testing kit and hypo treatments) and tell your school helpers if anything about looking after your diabetes changes.

Keep in touch

Your Mum or Dad will sort out a way of talking to your school helpers. They might have a chat with your school helpers when they drop you off in the morning, or pick you up after school. Or they might want to keep a diabetes diary of things like your test results or if you had a hypo. They can pass this diary between themselves at the start and end of each school day.


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