Eating out



If you used to go out to eat with Mum and Dad and the rest of your family, there’s no reason why this should change just because you’ve got diabetes.

Food in cafes and restaurants is often not as healthy as the food that Mum or Dad cook, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try new things or have a dessert.

Having a treat like this sometimes isn’t going to upset your whole diabetes control. And there are ways of making restaurant food healthier.



Wherever you’re eating, make sure you have some starchy carbohydrate (that’s things such as rice, pasta, chapattis or potatoes).

And you can always ask for some extra bread if you need to.


If you need to inject when you’re eating out, don’t be afraid to do it at the table.

Probably most people won’t notice anyway, but if they do and they don’t like it, well, that’s their problem and don’t let it upset you!

If you really don’t want people to see you inject, the toilets are probably the only place to use in a restaurant.

They aren’t always the cleanest place, so make sure you wash your hands well, and try not to put your injection stuff down anywhere.

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