Insulin - diabetes in children

Where does insulin come from?

It has been made by clever grown-ups called scientists.

Do I need to look after it?

Yes. Your mum and dad will help you take care of it as well.

  • Keep the insulin you are using in a cool, dry place. In hot weather, keep it in a cool bag.
  • Keep spare insulin in the fridge but not too close to the freezer compartment – if your insulin gets frozen it won't work properly.
  • Don't let your insulin get too hot. Keep it out of strong sunlight and away from hot things like cookers, TVs and computers. Don't keep it in the car in hot weather.


Don't use insulin if it's too old. Ask your mum and dad to check the use-by date.

Why do some children have fewer insulin injections than me, and some have more?

There are different sorts of insulin. Some work quickly (called fast or rapid acting) and you usually have these before a meal or if blood glucose (sugar) is high.

There are insulins that work more slowly (called long acting) and these are given once or sometimes twice a day. Then there are insulins that are a mixture of these, which are injected before breakfast and dinner.

Different people will use different insulins, and inject at different times. Your doctor or nurse will help you decide what's best for you.


  • Insulin is the medicine you need to take every day to stay well.
  • You need to look after your insulin and not let it get too hot or cold.
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