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Fun Easter activities

Join your friends on their Easter egg hunt. If you can spot any Easter eggs, colour them in! Find this and other fun things to do here.

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Fancy making something delicious? Cook one of our special kids recipes with your parents.

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Can I have chocolate? 

At this time of year, the shops are full of yummy chocolate Easter eggs. And there’s no reason why you should miss out!

You can still enjoy eating chocolate – at Easter or any time of the year – even though you have diabetes. The important thing to remember is to not eat too much.

But you're not alone – the same rules apply for everyone, whether they have diabetes or not. Everyone should only eat small amounts of chocolate as a treat. Too much chocolate is unhealthy and it's bad for your teeth.


Will I need more insulin?

You might need to have more insulin if you're having chocolate. You could try eating chocolate when you have just injected, like when you're having a meal, so that way you won't need to have an extra injection. Ask your mum, dad or carer if you're unsure.



Should I eat ‘diabetic’ chocolate?

Some people might think that, because you have diabetes, you can’t eat normal chocolate, so they’ll buy you ‘diabetic’ chocolate instead.

But ‘diabetic’ chocolate isn’t any better for you than normal chocolate – it will still affect your glucose (sugar) levels, and might give you an upset tummy if you eat too much. It also doesn’t taste as nice as normal chocolate!



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