Clinic time

I'm going to the diabetes clinic in my local hospital. Do you know why? Come along with me to find out.


  1. I come here four times a year so my doctor and everyone can check me and make sure my diabetes is OK.
  2. Mum comes with me because I can't always remember what the doctor and nurse tell me. But when I'm older I might come on my own.
  3. I get a bit nervous before I go but everyone is always friendly and kind when I get there.
  4. I take my diary of finger prick results for my nurse so she can see if my readings are OK.
  5. When I get there one of the clinic nurses weighs me and measures how tall I am. She checks to see if I'm the right weight for my height.
  6. My diabetes nurse, Libby, checks my diary and talks to me about my readings. She has good advice if I'm worried about them. She also checks my injection sites to make sure there aren't any lumps.
  7. I see Dr Sharme at the clinic too. He talks to me and my Mum and Dad about my diabetes and answers any questions we have. My doctor is nice and friendly so I'm not scared of asking him anything.
  8. Sometimes I see other people at the clinic too like the dietitian and the psychologist. I don't mind seeing them because they're friendly and kind and they help me look after my diabetes.

Nurse Libby told me that from next year when I'm 12, I'll have a special appointment every year called an 'annual review'. I'll have a blood test done, my wee tested, my blood pressure checked to make sure my heart is pumping my blood around my body properly, and my feet checked. My nurse said that it might tickle a bit! I'll have a special picture taken of my eyes as well.

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