My healthcare team

I have a lot of people who help me look after my diabetes. They're called my diabetes team. Now you have diabetes, you'll have a diabetes team too.

Everyone in you diabetes team will look after different things. Here are some of the people you might find in your diabetes team.

1. Libby is a paediatric (pee-dee-at-trick) diabetes specialist nurse.

This person knows all about diabetes. They can teach you how to test your blood glucose levels and how to give yourself insulin. They can answer your questions and they might come to your school to tell your teachers about diabetes. Your mum or dad might phone this person to ask questions about how much insulin you need or what to do if you are feeling sick.

2. Dr Sharme is a consultant paediatrician (pee-dee-a-trish-an). In some clinics children see a diabetologist (di-a-beat-ol-o-jist) instead.

This person knows all about diabetes. They check the results of tests you are given at your clinic and your test result book. They tell you if you need to make changes to your food or insulin.

3. Zoe is a dietitian (di-a-tish-an).

This person knows all about food. They can teach you and your family how to eat healthily.

4. Lynn is a psychologist (si-col-o-jist).

This person helps you if you feel sad or worried about anything, including your diabetes. They will chat through any problems and help to make you feel better.

5. Jay is an optometrist (opt-tom-ee-trist).

This person will look after your eyes. Sometimes they will look at them to check they are healthy.


  • A diabetes team is a group of special people including doctors and nurses who know all about diabetes and will help you look after it.
  • At the moment you might not see all of these people at your clinic, and you might not see them all at the same visit. 
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