Mum and Dad

When you first get diabetes, you might find that Mum and Dad are being a bit different at first.

Are your parents sad?

They might be really sad because they don’t understand diabetes or they think it’s happened because of something they’ve done wrong. But diabetes isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s just happened. Were you a bit shocked when you found out you had diabetes? Do you think your mum and dad were shocked too?


You might find it scary that your mum and dad are upset about diabetes, because normally they can make everything better. But don’t be frightened – mum and dad can learn all about it and will have lots of help along the way from your doctor and nurse.

Are your parents strict?

Your mum and dad might stop you doing some of the things you used to do (like playing at your friend’s house or going swimming). That's probably because they’re getting used to looking after your diabetes. Soon everything will get back to normal.

If it makes you sad that you’re not doing thosethings, then tell your mum or dad because they might not realise it upsets you.



Sometimes Mum and Dad need to be able to go out and have some fun too. You might find that they get a babysitter or childminder to look after you while they are out.

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