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It might not be just Mum and Dad who need to know about your diabetes - if you regularly go and stay with Granny and Grandad or a favourite Aunty, they’ll need to know about it too.

Be prepared

Mum and Dad will always make sure that whoever’s looking after you will know all about your diabetes and be able to look after that as well. But just so you’re sure, here’s a list of the things they should know about:

  • When you need to take your insulin, how much you need and how to do the injection, or work your pump, if you can’t do it by yourself.
  • How and when to do your blood glucose test and what to do if it’s high or low.
  • How to treat a hypo.
  • What to do if you’re not very well.
  • When you need to eat and the types of food to have.
  • How to contact Mum, Dad or your nurse if they need to.

Check out this website

Why not get whoever is going to be looking after you to have a look at this website? Or even better, look at it with them, and show them the things that you think are most important.

Small changes

Remember – Granny or Aunty might do things a little bit differently from Mum or Dad. That doesn’t make it wrong, and Mum or Dad will have made sure they don’t do anything that would cause a big problem with your diabetes.


Extra treats at Granny and Grandad’s won’t hurt once in a while, and they’ll always tell Mum or Dad what you’ve been up to in case your blood glucose is a bit high.

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