Meet their friends


Meet our friends!                                                 


Hi, I'm Lilly and I'm friends with Liz. I like painting, and swimming with my friends. Lilly.png

I didn't know anything about Type 1 diabetes until Liz told me about it.

She taught how to spot the signs of a hypo, so now I know how to help her, and when to tell the teacher.  














Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm friends with Liz too! 

I love sports and my pet cat, Smokey.          

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was three years old, and I met Liz on a diabetes kids holiday

We did cool stuff like raft building and canoeing. 














How are you doing? My name is Danny and I'm best mates with Nadeem.

I like acting and playing football. 

I was really interested when Nadeem told me about his Type 1 diabetes.














Hi, I'm Jack's sister Chloe.

I like dancing and writing stories.

I was upset when Jack was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes because I didn't understand it. Now after learning more, I know everything is OK. 














Hi, I'm Carl and I'm friends with Chloe and Ella.

I like skateboaring and drawing.

My dad has Type 1 diabetes so I know it doesn't stop you from doing anything you want to do! 

Now you've met your new friends, find out what they've got to tell you about diabetes.

Ella, Jack, Liz and Nadeem, along with their friends and family, will take you through what diabetes is and how to manage your diabetes day-to-day, as well as sharing lots of fun stuff and showing you that help and support is always there when you need it.

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